Everyone loves to have an own bike that must satisfy all their needs and requirements. Almost all Indians want to own a bike even though there are many cars available at cheap prices; bikes make a better choice for travel considering the Indian population and road conditions. Not only for this reason, everyone wants to buy a bike and it is also a great asset. Moreover, it is a thing of beauty and a symbol of status. Therefore, when you are going to buy a bike, you should be very careful while choosing the best bike among the wide varieties of motorcycles available in the market. You should choose the best brand that must meet all your needs under your budget. Always choose the company bajaj that sells the maximum number of bikes and it obviously delivers the bikes of the highest quality. The reason for telling you to choose this brand because they sell more bikes and the more profit they will get and hence they can build better bikes for you. Among the wide range of bajaj bikes, the Bajaj pulsar 150 dtsi is most popular bike in the market. This bike comes with a nice eye-catching design and greatly enhanced performance for better riding on the road.

The bajaj pulsar bike started the trend of the sports bike in India. Still, they are dominating the market with its excellent features, designs, and outlook appearance. The pulsar bike is available in many models and versions suitable for all the classes of the customers. The pulsar bikes are made of DTSI technology so that you can get decent mileage. The Bajaj Pulsar 150 is the most popular motorcycle in the 150cc segment. This bike is also the highest selling product in this highly competitive sector. The Pulsar 150 is a widely known name in sports motorcycle segment in India. This model bike designed with the all-black design theme of the elder Pulsar sibling including the shock absorbers, alloy wheels, and engines. It comes along with a plenty of stylish touches, including the smartened heel, toe levers, and refined tail.  The pulsar bike razor-sharp taillight is unique and distinctive. Overall, the bajaj pulsar 150-bike exterior is stylish and sleek. This bike is equipped with all kinds digital instruments/console like digital speedometer, odometer, low-fuel warning and fuel gauge. Moreover, the bike is fitted with a five-speed manual transmission gearbox. This model pulsar bike made with the Torque Expansion Chamber technology in order to improve the engine functionality.

Due to the usage of torque expansion chamber technology, this bike improves the pick-up and acceleration. The pulsar 150 bike gives excellent pick-up in any gear, and the linear acceleration is generally strong. It returns an average fuel mileage of 35-40 kmpl on city roads, and an average of up to 45-50 kmpl on highways. The pulsar 150 petrol tank has a capacity of fifteen liters, with a reserve capacity of two liters. It also provides a high-quality ride because of its staunch shock absorbers. It also comes with a wide and comfortable seat and you can alter them into split seats like in the other pulsar model bikes. The pulsar 150 has a front disc brake it provides superior performance and greatly reduces the bike stopping distance to prevent accidents. It also has wide leg guards that help to protect the driver in the event of a fall. It is equipped with telescopic disc brake at the front and at the rear is triple-rated spring in order to provide better suspension on the road. When you applied the brake, it brings the bike to a quick and stable stop with a better breaking distance.