The Car covers are an essential tool to protect your cars from the external damage and the car cover helps to maintain the paint job and its shine for as long as possible. A wide range of the car cover is available in nowadays and it is very important to select the right cover for your car. A car is a significant investment that needs protecting and especially high-end models. The car cover prevent from the mirror damage and stop scratches from the potentially occurring and the maxima car covers are fit for the high-end car and it provides adequate protection while still allowing moisture to evaporate. There are three types of the car cover available in the market and they are waterproof, water resistant and cotton.

  • Waterproof car cover

The waterproof car cover is the best choice and it keeps water out but it acts as a sealer to keep the moisture under the tarp inside the car. A water resistant car cover blocks the penetrating through much water but its breathable material also allows air to move too. The waterproof car covers are suitable if the car is first covered with an indoor car cover and this cover is a good combination for a car that is left outside for a long period of time. The indoor cover wicks away all moisture from the surface of the car while the outer waterproof cover keeps the car dry and safe.

  • Indoor car cover

The indoor car covers are usually made out of cotton or polyester and they do not protect against water they are best used for cars that are stored inside a garage.  This cover is made ultra soft and non-abrasive and the cover is custom made and this car covers are portable and inexpensive. The maxima car covers for the dirt protection for your challenge and great for the indoor and the outdoor uses and this covers is to protect the car from dust build-up and dents.

  • Water resistance car cover

The water resistance car covers are high-quality with the high water repellant but they are also breathable and this cover is a lightweight cover. They are a common and efficient way to protect your exterior from the discoloration, scratches and much more. This covers come in a wide array of the fabrics that offer different levels of the protection.