With the huge development in the field of the auto technology, there are massive ranges of support, which tend to make use with the great comfort. Here the pre collision is one of the new technology, which is developed by the leading industry such as Ford and Hyundai. this fresh technology is help to provide the pedestrian detection which support to derive in the safe manner. additionally, it give hand for the driver to find out the blind spot before it reach near. Therefore it will be drive avoid such the blind spot during the travel.  Then it help to cut down the major time of travelling with no trouble. On using this technology, it provide the alerts to the driver so he are she is fail to pay the attention on the road.


However, it is not response when driver falls asleep so that you can go with proper system to apply to have safe driving over the roads. here it has two option in this system sensors so you can simply go with wish option to install and have safe drive. Additional, it has millimeter wave radar, which support to locate the major inside part of the windshield and it has built with the collision mitigation braking system, which provide the audio as well the visual warning when you meet risk of before.


 Then it drivers the fails to react the car by automatically begin the breaking by itself. so it help to prevent or else cut down the reduce of crash. therefore, this technology will be debut in 2015 with the ford monde in the Europe. Then additionally, now Hyundai would introduce in the new brand New genesis sedan. therefore, it will be more comfortable for the driver to enjoy having safe drive with no risk on it. it built with the adaptive cruise control, which is specially designed to maintain in safe distance from the car. then it has irrespective of the various speed of the vehicle. it has lane departure warming which provide the alerts to the drivers so you can simply go with the right solution to have safe driver. It has driver applies close to barrier and large for the customer to make use in easy way additional it has different technology such as detection range and responsiveness so it will be more comfortable driver with safe way .