Lululemon was started by 1998 which was founded to provide the sportswear. And then they have started selling the yoga clothes in 2008 and they have started their branch in most of the developed countries. Today they are selling different stylist yoga wears of men and women. Today they have showrooms more than 160 locations. They are making fit clothes mainly for yoga people. Earlier yoga people were wearing loose fit clothes to practice yoga. But not we have stretched clothes which gives pleasant experience when you practice. The comfort and quality in yoga wears are expectations and suggested by the trainers. Lululemon business expansion was a huge success by bringing the yoga wears to the market. Today it has a separate market as the number of people registering for yoga class is increasing day by day.

Lululemon business unit has added an additional track for yoga wears along with sports wears and sport accessories like cap, sports bag, hat and sports water bottles. The sports bag of different varieties are available at very high quality to serve under very rough field too. It is made to be water resistance and fabrics are very strong and durability of the bag is good. Lululemon has separate men and women’s wears which support their performance during games. The sports wears are very stylish and stunning look. Sports person are choosing this kind of fabrics so they look confident in the field. The result of the game is assured by the performance of the player. But the sports wears have to support the player in every aspect like fitness, stretchy and comfy. Apart from sports wears, yoga wears are coming in both cotton and synthetic fabrics. They are good looking and very soft which motivates them to engage in yoga class continuously. If you are a not a sports person and willing to do some physical work out, you can choose yoga wears and train yourself from home. There are online trainers who can train you through video conference and you don’t need to travel if you don’t find enough time to do physical activities.