Getting a loan could be quite a cumbersome process. From filing in application to getting all the document work attested, post which the application goes for screening and on successful processing you get to have the funds in your hands! Well, what about situations that demand immediate need of cash? Where can you look for when you have an urgent financial need standing before you?

This is where a payday loan comes into play! Being short term loans these are typically designed to lend small amount of funds to people who are in urgent need of money and are also suffering from bad credit. Letting you get cash immediately or within 24 hours they can come as a blessing to people who are in dire need of money but definitely come with a very high interest rate. If you are thinking of taking a payday loan shortly herein, we offer


Breaking down the working of payday loans

Payday loans are subjected to signing a post-dated cheque by the borrower that includes the loan amount plus the interest rate that is bound to get cash on its due day. The amount gets automatically deducted from the borrower’s account. Since the loan agreement does not involve presence of collateral as a mandatory need for application, it is a big relief for borrowers who do not possess one and are also at zero risk of losing any personal asset in case they fail to pay the borrowed money back on time.

Bad credit will work!

The most surprising part about payday loan application is that it gets approved even if you have a poor credit history, though you need to show valid sources of recurring income that can be an assurance to the lending party or organisation that the money borrowed would be paid back.

Coming at a very high premium rate, payday loans might offer a short term solution helping you brush through rough times but in absence of a continuous paying source they can create a vicious cycle of debt that can create serious problems for you in future.