The time clock wizard is a Unites States-based online company famous for its employee time tracking app. The time clock wizard is freemium software that includes a mobile app. This mobile app allows unlimited users and employees to work in a single schedule. This mobile application also provides many optional services like web design, merchant accounts, and other business loans credit. These optional features will show in the dashboard of the time clock wizard mobile application. In addition to, the company adds the payroll functionality as parts of its software application. It allows the users to Read More information about payroll generation, over time and reporting. This software provides more benefits for the employees in order to track their working details like payroll generation, time tracking, and task management. Using this software, you can easily track employee time and generate the payroll reports quickly. Moreover, you can easily export the time clock wizard data in standard CSV format as well as an import into almost any version of the QuickBooks quickly. You can access Time Clock Wizard from any device with internet access.

The company also provides the time clock wizard app free for small group or freelancers who are looking for a basic time tracking application. This free plan is applicable for only three users and it also free for lifelong if you have three users. If you want to use this service for the unlimited number of users, then you have to pay some monthly fee for the service. Read More about the price page of the company plans and what kind of features included in that plans. The company will provide you the best features at a reasonable monthly fee.  However, this app is applicable for both the android and IOS mobile device. This time clock wizard is more safe and secure. It does not share your information with anyone ever. Moreover, this software is perfect for all sizes of the businesses. It has an easy-to-use interface that gives the ability to the manager to create a daily, weekly, or monthly schedule for the employees.