Marriage is said to be a very special and essential part of a person’s life. It brings lots of happiness and newness in the bride and the groom’s life. It is a commitment which is meant to last for lifelong which involves self-centeredness, self indulgence and self gratification. It is believed that it ties two individuals who promise each other to spend their life together and during that period they will work on making their bonding stronger. Some functions included in it are performed in a very social and legal way. It is believed that it is meant for a very good purpose in the society. Book full wedding puja online and make you wedding a grand one.

Every individual is very excited to witness this special day in their life. It is a beginning of a new phase in a person’s life. For a reasonable and a stress free wedding book full wedding puja online and enjoy the wedding ceremony. Sometimes hiring a pandit for the wedding puja will take lots of time and it is like wastage of unnecessary money on the ceremonies involved so getting it done online will be far more reasonable and less time taking. Even more you will have to arrange you own items needed for puja.

These rituals and ceremonies bring you one step closer to your bright future. It fills you life with positivity. Marriage brings stability in your life. Book full w edding puja online and give a right direction to your life. The wedding style and season for all the Hindu marriages varies from one state to another and from one religion to another. But almost all the logics involved in the marriages are the same in some way or the other.

Important rituals involved in a wedding puja:

  • First of all the wedding puja will take place
  • Then it is followed by agni puja
  • Then comes the ceremony of Kanyadaan(which means giving the bride in groom’s hand)
  • Then it is followed by the mangalsutra ceremony- the ceremony of tying the holy necklace
  • Then it is followed by a ceremony of taking seven round of the fire
  • Then the bride steps on the stone and this ceremony is known as Shilarohan
  • After this it is followed by the chant of the holy Sanskrit mantra, which is later followed by blessings and prayers for couple

Importance of wedding and wedding puja online:

It is believed that marriage transforms a person into a complete human being. It helps making your life happier and better. It brings you out of clumsy and hectic life. After this you start becoming quite responsible and you start maintaining things in a very systematic way. Marriage helps you find a partner who will always be there beside you to share you sorrow and increase your happiness. Marriages help a person to settle down and lead a happier life. Wedding puja needs lots of positive attention towards it. Book full wedding puja online and enjoy a clutter free wedding.