The accreditation of a hospital by Joint Commission International is considered its highest achievement in the healthcare standards. It sends a strong message to the community about the efforts of the hospital to provide high quality health services to the patients.

Most patients around the world prefer treatment in accredited hospitals believing that accredited hospitals provide quality healthcare.

But it is not a cakewalk to get hospital accredited by JCI. Among the millions of healthcare institutes around the world, just a small percentage of hospitals have been able to achieve this feat. And in India, this number is very less or we can say negligible.

If you want your healthcare to get JCI accreditation, you will need a proper planning and become familiar with the standards and surveys of the JCI.

If you will follow the below Guidelines, it will become easy for you to get JCI Accreditation. The guidelines are as follows:

  1. First of all, try to become familiar with the policies and procedures of Accreditation. There are general pre- surveys policies, Accreditation Fee policies, Focused survey policy and multiple other procedures that you need to study in detail and then act on them accordingly.
  2. You should study the Joint Commission International hospital accreditation manual and survey process guide at least once before applying for accreditation and then share up the info with your team. This will excite your leadership.
  3. Then you should focus on building an action plan based on the policies and procedures of for accreditation. Your plan should include the baseline assessment of your healthcare performance against the standards set by it for accreditation. And then you will assign your staff individual responsibilities.
  4. You will also have to take a look at your hospitals current procedures and policies and develop a work plan to give rise to JCI- complaint policies and focus on the target areas of improvement, examine challenges to identify adverse events which poses risks to your chances of getting Joint Commission International accreditation and seek remedies to deal with those challenges without any further delay.
  5. You will have to work in tandem with your staff to deal with the challenges faced by your hospital. You will have to explain your staff how your hospital can achieve a culture of safety. This you can achieve by training your staff in new JCI procedures, involving your staff to prepare mock surveys. Through the mock surveys, take a look at processes and procedures of care to identify areas of risk.
  6. After evaluating and refining processes, make corrections before conducting a final mock survey to spot necessary improvements. Then plan correction and make final modifications.

Sum and substance

If you want to convert your JCI accreditation dream into reality, for that you will need to avail services of JCI Accreditation Consultants who will provide you right kind of guidance to achieve your hospital the feat of JCI accreditation. JCI Accreditation consultants are available online or you can meet them in their offices. They will make you familiar with the policies and procedures of JCI Accreditation. They will tell you how to focus on building an action plan based on the policies and procedures of JCI for accreditation.