Clenbuterol is a food supplement based mainly in New Zealand. It is a controversial supplement to use since there are many doubts regarding its legal state in the world. It mainly finds its use in burning body fat and has been proved to be an excellent supplement to use to serve the purpose of all those trying to achieve their weight goals. But there are still a lot of unknown facts about clenbuterol, which makes its use restricted. People should get the facts correct before choosing such a product as results vary for every person and may turn out to be dangerous for some.

Use of clenbuterol for efficient weight loss


Clenbuterol has shot to fame due to its efficiency for fast and long lasting weight loss properties. But that does not mean that any person of any age can go on to have doses of clenbuterol at their will. People must educate themselves on this point that how clenbuterol is so useful in these cases. The body temperature rises due to consumption of clenbuterol and hence there is more burning of calories. Approximately rise of body temperature by unity raises the calorie burn by 5%. Thus it helps to lose weight faster. There are many who have lost weight but could not achieve their ideal weight since they reached the lower weight threshold. It is most beneficial for them as well. Its thermogenic and anticatabolic property makes it popular among users. Apart from its use in burning fat it helps cure asthma.

Optimal dosage for clenbuterol

To start with the basics of a program on how to use clenbuterol, you should go back to your school days and brush up your mathematics skills. First and foremost you must definitely know the difference between micrograms and milligrams. A silly mistake in the first step will have dangerous effects on your health. Unlike most other drugs available in the market, clenbuterol comes in microgram doses. Asthma patients are recommended 20 to 40 mcg of clenbuterol per day for good results. For people taking clenbuterol to lose weight, doses are less and should be increased gradually. Dose vary from one person to another. At times clenbuterol found in contaminated meat from New Zealand have had serious damage to health of the persons consuming it.

Controversy regarding use of clenbuterol

Clenbuterol has been found in contaminated meat in New Zealand. There have been debates all over the world to find if clenbuterol is a steroid which is restricted for use. Many athletes in international tournaments have had doping tests done with positive results for presence of clenbuterol. The problem that athletes face is that they have to explain how the clenbuterol came into their system. This answer is quite difficult to answer because clenbuterol have been found in contaminated meat and once it is consumed it is very tough to explain where it came from. They have been given benefit of doubt and let go.