Knees are an important part of the human body, as they absorb the impact of everyday activities of a person. They help in everyday life of a person, whether he or she is walking to and from the car or on the road, running on the treadmill or having engaged in any kind of outdoor activity. When you are in a movement, your ligaments, bones, cartilage and tendons are in constant engagement. It might lead to danger to knee trauma. The reason is that your knee is more liable than other types of joints in your body as it is situated between the two longest bones of the body.

Moreover, the entire weight of the body is transferred to foot via knees. At the time, the joints bend the stability of your knees decrease. There are many forms of disorders; a person might suffer from due to knees. One of the most common forms is the ACL or Anterior Cruciate Ligament injury. It is the most generally found knee trauma. This type of injury usually takes place throughout the athletic activity or via rigorous and consistent strain. It is important to understand the symptoms of the injury so that you can take some preventive steps or go through the best treatment. The symptoms of this injury are instability and pain in your knee, instant swelling, sometimes, there is a popping sound.

When any of these symptoms are annoying you, the first and foremost step you need to take is to visit your doctor and go for diagnosis and then acl treatment in New York, if needed.

How to diagnose ACL?

It is important to tell your medical history to your doctor before going to start the diagnosis. If you have any previous issues, it is important to tell them to your doctor. There is a series of manual tests to being experienced that will measure the overall instability in your knee, like Pivot Shift Test, Anterior Drawer Test and the Lachman Test. In case, if the swelling in knees inhibits these tests, your doctor may take the help of an arthrometer. Moreover, X-rays can be taken to see any damage to the bones. If necessary, MRIs can take place, which will show the harm in your knee. After all these tests and diagnosis, it is clear to your doctor that you are suffering from ACL or not.

Treating ACL

RICE is the best activity, which is recommended by experts for this injury. It is all about Rest, Ice, Compress and Elevate. It is important to rest the knee and maintain your ideal weight or stop exerting too much pressure on your knee. Moreover, you can apply the ice on the affected area with a wrap and stay it elevated. In order to eliminate further swelling, your doctor may need to utilize a syringe to drain fluid from knees. At last, surgeries are the best treatments for this injury. You must look for the best place to experience acl treatment in New York, if you want to.