Dianabol works as a similar supplement like testosterone for muscle building purposes. Dianabol or methandrostenolone has the chemical name of 17α-methylandrost-1, 4-dien-17β-ol-3-one and is a 17α-methylated derivative of the male sex hormone testosterone. The drug falls under the category of anabolic-androgenic oral steroid in the active form, finding vast usage in the medical and bodybuilding world. It was synthetically developed by Dr. John Bosley Zieglera and first delivered in Germany, and then later in 1958, it was marketed in the US by a company called Ciba Specialty Chemicals.

What does it do to your body?

Dianabol was introduced in the market as an anabolic steroid for bodybuilders or athletes to carve out their muscle mass and making their bodies stronger to face any challenges in their sport. It is generally consumed in a cycle of 3-6 weeks and the dosage pattern varies with respect to genetic makeup, gender and tolerance capacity of an individual. Dianabol is an FDA approved product labelled under the class of controlled substances, meaning that it is legalised but must be purchased with a prescription. The governments of UK, US, Canada, Australia and few other countries routinely monitor the dosage suggestions, concentration and composition of the drug. According to the prescription-drug regulations in Canada, Dianabol is available in the market as tablets with doses of 10 mg, 20 mg and super strength pills of 50 mg.

Dianabol is unique in its mode of action by readily binding to specific androgen receptors. This response causes acceleration in synthesis of proteins, glycogenolysis and enormous muscle power within a short period of time. As the steroid is methylated, it blocks its entry into the liver cells or may allow only a small part of it when taken orally. Due to this, the steroid’s affinity for binding sex hormone globulins is lowered or otherwise these proteins can demobilize steroid molecules and prevents their reactions with sex cells.

How to use Dianabol?

For the general public as beginners in Dianabol consumption, the number of pills as well as the concentration of the drug is low to initiate the plan with minimal possible after effects. After the tolerance power of a person is checked, the dosage is followed in a cycle that continues for about 6 weeks with the initial dose of 20 mg. A 2 to 3 weeks gap is necessary in the cycle to check the effectiveness of the drug and if the results are not noticeable, the dosage is continued for another 6 weeks as recommended by experts. Care should be taken not to exceed the maximum dose limit of 20 mg in the starting cycle of 6 weeks.

For bodybuilders and athletes, the minimum dose is slightly increased to 50 mg for a 3-4 weeks exposure time. This cycle is comparatively shorter as any sportsperson would want to bulk up their body quickly for any competition and thus require a strong, effective oral steroid that can help to build up muscles in less time. The prescription-drug regulations in Canada enable Dianabol to be sold with safety measures and critical recommendations from experts about its proper dosage, separately settled for male bodybuilders and female users.