Clen has many side effects which were reported by men as well as women. Many people use clen as it gives quick results and it is believed that it does not have side effects, when it is used properly. Few say that clen gives best results along with few side effects. If a person is looking to use clen for body building, there are few side effects which are associated with it. So, before using clen for body building they must check the side effects and then decide if they are ready to use it or not.

Side effects of clen when used in short term and long term

When Clen was known, it was used for treating respiratory diseases as it acts as bronchodilator. Later it was discovered that it has weight loss properties and helps in improving the muscle condition. Clen became more popular with these properties. This drug clen raises the blood flow and helps in increasing the metabolism rate. They then burn the lips as well as fat which is deposited. Athletes use this drug as they can get off unwanted fat and Clen acts on dopamine, adrenaline as well as noradrenaline. So, many specialists say this drug must be administered and the person must use this Clen only under guidance.


Short term effects on using Clen

The short term effects are sweating, anxiety, insomnia, palpitations, person feels difficult for breathing, head aches are common, one feels nervous, tremors, heart rate is increased and muscle cramps are seen.  These short term effects are disappeared gradually . When the drug is not taken these short term effect are disappeared , when the drug completely thrown out  from the body.  One can prevent these side effects by checking with the doctor before they use Clen, and proper dosage can also prevent side effects. When taking clen in safe doses, the person must drink more water, so that they can reduce the side effects.

Long term side effects associated with the use of clen

 The effects of Clen are seen on animals for testing. When this drug Clen is used for long term, they have many side effects.  This clen increases the side of the muscles of the heart. When this happens, it means that clen was used in large dose and for a long period. Heart muscles size increase only when Clen is taken for years in large dose. The collagen production increases and then it leads to such situation.  When the collagen number increases, the blood pumping effectiveness decreases; thus, when the collagen increase will lead to irregular heart beat. This happens because the electric signals which are sent by the cardiac muscles. This leads to the arrhythmia and this leads to a long-term risk to your heart. If clen is used in high dose it leads to degeneration of heart. The dimensions and the structure of heart are also affected. Clen also affects the bone properties and its build up. Bone fragility increase and risk of fracture also increases.