Another autoimmune disease, which is called scleroderma, is related to connective tissues that can cause: 

  • Blood vessel disease
  • Inflammation of varying degree
  • Skin thickening
  • Spontaneous scarring

Generally, autoimmune diseases are due to illnesses, which occur when our body’s tissues are attacked by our own immune system. There will be formation of fibrosis in skin and body organs that characterize scleroderma.  

This will lead to firmness and thickness of involved areas. When scleroderma is diffused or becomes widespread on the body, then it is also referred as systemic sclerosis.

Whether CBD oil will be good for Scleroderma?

As we know CBD is one among the hundreds of other active compounds that the cannabis plant can produce. CBD unlike THC, will not cause any intoxicating effects. 

CBD can however make significant impact on our body and mind. Nowadays, people have started using full spectrum CBD to get relief from the symptoms of many different ailments and also to maintain our general health.

CBD has become quite well-known due to few initial favorable reports obtained by medical researchers. So far, no clinical research has been done to investigate about its benefits. 

However, it appears to have sufficient anti-inflammatory effects. Therefore, it can be fantastic news for someone who is having scleroderma or any other painful conditions.

However, potential CBD benefits for scleroderma do not end there. Since CBD is cannabinoid and, hence it can interact with our body’s endocannabinoid system called ECS. 

ECS is essential biological system which governs many functions, like movement, mood, memory, sensation, and immunity.

Experts now believe, dysfunction in our endocannabinoid system may contribute to scleroderma. Many researchers all across the globe have been conducting clinical trials about how cannabinoids might help.

So far, most trials are focused on only synthetic cannabinoids however, results obtained so far are quite promising.

It looks like all these compounds can reduce inflammation and also can suppress fibrosis as well as tissue scarring. Besides that, they can do this by not suppressing our immune system, which many conventional treatments may do for scleroderma treatment.

Final thoughts about CBD for scleroderma

We know that scleroderma is quite a painful and also potentially very life-threatening condition and we have very limited treatment options. Hence, there is no wonder that the affected patients are tending to look at CBD for relief.

No doubt, research into the use of CBD for treating scleroderma, presently is lacking, however several trials have been explored about the action of few synthetic cannabinoids. Till all these medications are more widely available, we can try CBD oil and see how it helps.

CBD oil is surely not a right substitute for any proper medical-care, hence it is essential that one should always seek advice from doctors before using it. Most people however consider CBD to be quite safe, as it does not produce any side effects, even with any drug interactions.

Only your doctor will be in a position to ensure that whether CBD oil will be appropriate solution for you. Doctors can always guide you properly to find correct dosage of CBD meant for scleroderma.