When you buy a printer of course you are given a manual on how to use it and maintain it well. There are many money saving ideas by which you can increase the life span of your printer and let it last for quite a long time. Performance matters the most when you buy a printer and to maintain it in the right manner you need to follow some important things. Talking of which cartridge is equally important that needs to be well taken care. To save money on spending at the printer ink, you need to ensure that the cartridge which you are using is of the maximum capacity. Here is the article on how to clean the cartridge effectively just for you to help you get the right way to increase the life span of the cartridge.

Put it in plain water:

In case your printer gives you a message that the cartridge is over try putting it in pain clean water. Make sure you don’t keep it in the water for a long time and also ensure that the water does not have any kind of pollutants. With plain water, it becomes easy to remove the ink that get dried out on the nozzle. After some time, try blotting it gently once it gets dried out completely. Once you let it get dried out leave it for one night and then use it again the next day. This will get you some extra from the cartridge that you can use for quite a long time.

Nozzle should be kept wet

Once you are done with cleaning, your next job is to ensure that nozzle of the cartridge is quite effective; this improves the capacity of the ink for the cartridge that can be taken. To do so, you can keep printing a test page and get a clear idea about the same. This will give your nozzle to be wet the entire time because of which the storage and the efficient of the cartridge will be improved.

Know the minimum limit of the Printer

This is another important tip that can be extremely help for you to clean the cartridge. There are many printers that start sending a message even when there is enough ink present in the cartridge. That is why, from your end, it is important to understand the ink limit of the printer that you have purchase. This will help you keep using the same cartridge even when your printer unnecessarily starts sending the signal. Other than this professional help can be the right source for you to understand the right cartridge type for the printer model that you are currently using.Now that you are pretty much clear with the cleaning tips that you can follow to make sure your cartridge works fine, try to maintain it for quite a long time. Refueling the cartridge should not be a problem as long as you have the ability to maintain it for a long time. Other than this, there are many professional experts, who can help you make the right decision and choose the service of cleaning your cartridge.