People say that there is the supreme almighty God who has created the universe and the earth. However, probably no mortal man has seen the almighty live and he remains in our life as an intangible power that is capable of miracles. Speaking of miracles, we have indeed seen it happening all around us and still observing new aspects of it. This awesome creator of miracles is Technology. Although it is something that man has brought into the world, yet it is apparently the second God for us. Thus with the bliss of Technology the entire world made by God has come to the tip of our fingers. There is nothing left that we cannot imagine. Starting from electronic gadgets to genetic engineering, everything comes under the Tech God’s powers. It has changed the life of mankind and generated something we call civilization.


The miracles of technology:

It is difficult to decide on the starting point for talking about the magic of technology. The very seed of it can be traced back to the days of History when fire was discovered followed by the discovery of wheel. When man understood that he has the capacity to create wonders that can make work easy, there was the illumination of technology which lit up the world gradually. Technology paved the way for the various transportation systems such as land, water and eventually air transports. With this power of reasoning and linking up causes with effects, technology has brought about innumerable electronic devices starting from calculators, computers, television, washing machine, refrigerator, air-conditioners, mobile phones, tablets and the list is endless. Thus, there is almost no manual work left for the mankind to do for the tech mantra can solve it all.


Technology has entered into every field starting from medical sciences, agriculture, and textile designing and even daily exercising. Our every piece of work is supported by technology in some way or the other. Doctors and scientists use several techniques to cure diseases and enhance immunity. Agriculturists, industrialists and any other professional use technology in some way or the other to accomplish their work. Thus we are under the safe shades of technology in the new era.

The dark side of the tech power:

Technology can only be bliss if it is used for our benefits and not for destructive purposes. Weapons like nuclear bombs and land mines are also products of technology but definitely they are deadly for us and are more of a curse than bliss. Thus it is our responsibility to utilise technology rationally which can never be harmful to anyone.