When I was a baby, something that meant the world to me was toys. In this blog, I will take you guys on a journey into the world of Danganronpa merch, complete with information on the products, their origins, and extra! YouTube creators are resembling LSuperSonicQ, Billiam, and PatMac, all three of whom I love watching, base their content on discussing import shops, merchandise from certain periods, the origins of obscure plushes, and much more! As you may expect, keychains are one other very talked-about type of merchandise in Japan. These keychains had been released by FuRyu, the identical company that made the limited set of 5 figures based mostly on DR2. The explanation I mentioned “1 in 8” is a result of the characters were launched in two separate volumes.

These adorable chibi figures were released in Japan in December 2013! When the entire figures are collective, you’ll be able to form a mini-class trial! Lastly, I would like to go away with you with this unimaginable set of collectible figures. This is a pattern from the Tsumamare keychain set by Cospa. Nothing made me smile on my birthday fairly like tearing the wrapping paper apart to find a new action figure or Bionicle set. I’m certain there’s a plethora of merch that stays unaccounted for in English-talking Dangaronpa shop international locations and let’s not overlook the fanmade merch you should buy on websites like Etsy and Redbubble; Danganronpa fans are a passionate bunch. Shop a large collection of formally licensed Assault On Titan merch on the Crunchyroll store and get the free US.

Did you scroll all this way to get info about the attack on titan’s scout jacket? I ordered it shortly after the impact her demise had on me and selected to get it so I might always have a piece of her with me. For the time being, these are the only two pieces of official Danganronpa merchandise that I have, but when I’ve some additional money at any time, I am going to make sure to grab some more if I can! Add to Favorites Extra colors Captain Levi Attack on Titan Hoodie. Assault on Titan Jacket. Before we dive into the meat of things, I’d like to take a second to point out to you guys the two items of merchandise I personally. These two had been the ones to obtain these for whatever cause.