AOC said that she plans to carry Democrat presidential nominee Joe Biden accountable, together with following via on the Green New Deal plan, should turn out to be the subsequent president of the U.S. Democratic leaders are claiming that these two points contributed to Democratic losses in Home races on Election Day, together with Republican challenger Nicole Malliotakis ousting first-term Democratic Rep. Fox News reported that Democratic leaders complained about two points closely associated with AOC, defunding the police and socialism. Ocasio-Cortez was easily reelected to a second period in the 14th District and went on to admit that some critics had been “apoplectic” over defunding the police. On other issues, AOC has vowed to satisfy major New York Jewish neighborhood leaders throughout her second period after being criticized for not doing so prior.

The Democratic-Socialist congresswoman continued to press on, stating that too much funding is being “pumped” into the NYPD at the expense of different preventative security measures such as psychological well-being workers and school steering counselors. She then claimed that unchecked spending on the NYPD turns into a “self-fulfilling prophecy” and doesn’t allow spending on other needs resembling housing and health care. AOC Why don’t you return to an actual metropolis dwelling instead of dwelling in your upper society penthouse with safety? Actual property marketing consultant Knight Frank stated take-up of office area in the city fell by 68% within the third quarter, 12 months-on-yr, triggering a push by Metropolis officials to step up a technique of diversifying tenancies towards tech, media, and regulation.

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