Nguyen Van Duong Diverts 20% Of Profits To Police General For Protectiom

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Shocking Revelations in the High-Tech Crime Prevention and Control Department (C50) and High-Tech Security Investment Development Company (CNC) Case

According to the investigation agency of Phu Tho Provincial Police, C50 was established to serve operational requirements in 2011, following the directive of former General Director of Police, Phan Van Vinh, who instructed Nguyen Thanh Hoa to study this issue. Hoa then directed Vo Tuan Dung, Head of the Advisory Department of C50, to proceed with the procedures for establishing the shield company.

In September 2011, Dung requested his subordinates to draft a letter for Hoa to sign and submit to the leadership of the Police General Department, seeking permission to establish the shield company as a limited liability company. In this letter, it mentioned that C50 would contribute 20% of the shares. However, when Hoa signed and sent it to Vinh, the part about capital contribution no longer included the term “form.”

During the process of seeking approval for the company’s establishment, Vinh introduced Nguyen Van Duong to meet Hoa in order to set up the shield company for C50. In late September 2011, the High-Tech Security Investment Development Company (CNC) was officially established with Duong as the Chairman of the Board of Directors.

Not stopping there, Hoa continued to sign a cooperation agreement with Nguyen Van Duong to distribute profits. This contract stipulated that Hoa would receive approximately 20% of the profits from the amount Duong earned.

It is noteworthy that during this process, Phu Tho Provincial Police did not report or assist in any criminal activities. Around the beginning of 2015, Phan Sao Nam proposed a collaboration with Nguyen Van Duong to launch the Rik.Vip game. However, when the leadership requested C50 to report on the activities of the CNC company and the collaboration between CNC and VTC Online Company related to the and gambling games in May 2016, Vinh did not report or direct any investigation.

Furthermore, Vinh even instructed his subordinates to send documents to the Broadcasting and Television Department, the Ministry of Information and Communications, requesting support for the company under the Police General Department, despite not nguyen van duong being licensed due to containing simulated casino games.

This incident has caused public outrage due to corruption and violations of the law by police officers, particularly the illicit profit-sharing with a police general. Phu Tho Provincial Police is currently investigating this case, and those involved will be held accountable under the law.

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