Many people love birds and using birds SVG file for their Cricut projects, in over thousands of birds, Owl is top ten famous for Cricut but it may the most challenging job for Cricut

I am not talking about how intricate owl pattern to assembly or how complicated it’s colour separation but welding.

Let’s look at the follow Owl SVG from jartoutlets.

You can see it is cute and open its wings in flying, lovely, right? But you can count its feather, over 500 feathers in this pattern and means the white space – you need to welding out after cutting is around 1000, it can take you up to 4 hours to complete.

Even a single colour owl pattern can take you a couple of hours to welding to complete the job and need to very carefully for this final procedures, once the welding vinyl messed up, all you work gone.

If you are new to Cricut, I suggest you start from some single colour birds silhouette rather than a complicated, time-consuming pattern like above.

And here we have some easy silhouette patterns, you can download or buy one at one buck.

Sounds much more comfortable and also with goo looking, start from simple, never overestimate yourself especially your patience